MasterMind consulting Network empowers its individual associates by providing the training, marketing, products and supporting services needed to transform their expertise into a successful consultancy. Successful consultants may be awarded MasterMind Consulting Network, Inc. stock bonuses for sweat equity as approved by the Board of Directors.

Business Partners
MasterMind Consulting Network partners with other businesses formally and informally. These associations create synergistic benefits for the partners and their clients. Typical areas of cooperation are marketing, referrals, specialized services, joint projects and web site linkages.

Branch Managers
MasterMind Consulting Network, enables successful associates to manager a branch office. In the role of Branch Manager, an associate can grow his or her business by expanding its client base, adding consultants, doing joint projects with other branch offices, or by assisting corporate in further expanding the network. Branch Managers utilize all MasterMind Consulting Network resources and enjoy a higher commission rate in return for their increased managerial role in the company.

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