Fast Track Program
How we can help you build a consulting business in your home town!

Mastermind Consulting Network offers an all-inclusive, affordable, and structured Fast Track program developed by experienced professionals to help you get started as a successful business consultant or expand your existing consulting business. This program includes:

  • A step-by-step guide that reveals the secrets to becoming a successful business consultant.
  • Numerous informative articles, including those on this site, to help you build your consulting business.
  • Sample forms, charts, and other materials that can be adapted for your business.
  • Sales & marketing tools to help your consulting business succeed.
  • Recruiting and training materials for expanding your organization.
  • Morale boosters.
  • Ongoing phone support with an experienced professional business consultant who can answer the tough questions you will have.
  • The TRIAD Process

Steps to a Consulting Career:

  1. Obtaining Fast Track Program information
  2. Sending MCN more information about yourself
  3. Phone appointment with an MCN Representative
  4. One-on-One Meeting - Following the phone appointment, we will set up a personal meeting at the MCN corporate headquarters. You will be given an overview of our methods, materials, procedures and personnel, including information on our organization and structure, business rules, planned growth, and a start-up schedule.
  5. Signing - A meeting will be arranged to sign the Associate agreement, at that time the Fast Track Program fee will be required. Then you are officially on the TEAM! At this point we launch the following:
    1. Training - We will schedule initial training for one person as soon as possible (usually within 10 days).
    2. Initial Appointments - MCN provides 1000 prospects in your local area.
    3. Start-up Assistance - MCN will schedule a representative to provide assistance during initial start-up. (via webcast)

Start-up Costs:

  • These costs include the Fast Track Program Fee, travel and living expenses for training, office equipment, signs, annual automobile expenses, and other miscellaneous costs.
  • A Mastermind Consulting Network office involves no major capital outlays.
  • Earning potential is excellent, creating the opportunity for a rapid payback of the initial investment.
  • More details are available in our official Fast Track Program packet. Click "More Information" above to request a complete program package.


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