At MasterMind Consulting Network we enable non-profits to address their most vexing issues by bringing knowledge, experience and methods to bear on your opportunities and challenges. We work with all types and sizes of non-profits and understand the ‘root’ causes of the often confusing, complicated and confounded symptoms. We partner with you to identify, clarify and address your greatest issues whether money, volunteers, board, staff, communications, vision and mission clarity or a combination of these.

Once discovered we implement these core strategies and tactics to address both your opportunities and the practical day-to-day barriers and bring success to this part of your operations. Our role can vary depending on your needs:
  • Serve on your executive team to help you identify problems then develop and implement solutions
  • Provide much needed services on a part-time basis, saving you the expense of benefits, employees you cannot afford or employees you cannot guarantee long-term employment
  • Be the ‘outside voice’ who tests your idea, develops your idea or reinforces your message

We fully recognize the unique budgetary processes and constraints with non-profits and work in advance with you, your staff and board, as needed, to insure your desired success within your budgetary needs. Our agreements always clearly define the agreed-upon work scope and include our exclusive ‘not-to-exceed-monthly-budget’, which means no matter how many hours or the number of associates partnering with you in a given month, you will not pay more than the previously agreed amount.

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