The 21st century has undoubtedly brought increasing needs for your mission while your key resources of people, money and time are limiting your ability to meet those needs. The Associates with MasterMind Consulting Network seek to understand your specific circumstances so we can assist you with practical means to address your limiting factors.

When these factors are monetary we have proven ideas and case studies that range from informal word-of-mouth requests through the myriad of annual dinners, auctions, raffles, car shows, art fairs, open houses and fashion shows on to grants and seven figure capital campaigns.

People are essential to fundraising. We help you identify the size and strength of your current donor base (volunteer, staff, board, contributors), show you how to recruit, recognize and retain new people while keeping the existing folks, and help you implement processes to transform casual supporters into passionate, life-long contributors.

Communicating with people is another essential key to successful fundraising. We help you with your website, newsletter, email, direct mail and contributor stewardship programs. We can guide you through the myriad of social networking technologies: what are they; how does one effectively use them and, most importantly, which ones should you invest in and how do you know if they are working?

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