The world economy is appropriately causing both businesses and non-profits to re-think their vision, purpose and mission then follow that through to the daily tasks of each involved individual to insure their cumulative results are making the vision an ever-growing reality. Focus is essential as time, money and the right people are even more limiting than has historically been the case with non-profits. Where do you start when you know you cannot do everything and you may even be at risk of not meeting your core mission?

Tough as it may be, you have to pause and think deeply about your vision, purpose, mission, roles, goals, process and relationships.
  • Is our vision relevant? Does our purpose provide a framework for everyone involved on how we are to act to insure our vision is a reality? Does our mission tell us what we are to do, how we are to do it and what we need to achieve to deliver our vision?
  • Are the roles and responsibilities for everyone involved (staff, board, volunteer) clear, focused and pertinent?
  • Do we have measurable goals with deadlines? Do we regularly review and revise them? Does everyone understand how their activities add up to form our collective accomplishments? Are we holding ourselves accountable for accomplishments versus activities?
  • Are we making best use of the people on our team and how we work together to accomplish things? Don’t just say ‘yes’ and move on: there are ALWAYS better processes we can implement to improve output, even when our results are measured in ‘squishy’ things like helping people.
  • How are we working together? Are our relationships both strong AND flexible? Truthfully, when things are not going as we want or need them to, relationships are the first place to begin our examination of what is working and what is not. The greatest missions or strategic plans in the world have little value if the people actually doing the work don’t understand or buy in to the vision, the team or your processes.
Who is ‘on the bus’ is essential to success, too. Be sure to think of ‘staff’ as including every volunteer. Are volunteers doing essential work needed to accomplishment your mission? Then they are staff, just unpaid staff. Are all the board ‘on-board? Do they understand they have an even greater critical role in these challenging times to govern and guide, to cultivate new relationships and partnerships, to model selfless service and to truly lead through their deliberate investments of time, talents and treasures?

The challenges of these early years of the 21st century also serve as an opportunity to help an ever-expanding circle of staff, board, volunteers and donors to understand their roles and responsibilities and how critical their investment is to achieving the noble mission that brings everyone together. MasterMind Consulting Network loves partnering with non-profits who recognize both dangers and opportunities exist yet are committed to taking carefully calculated risks to insure your mission and your vision both survive today and set the stage to thrive tomorrow.

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