The Non-Profit Team at MasterMind Consulting Network is unique in our service. We live in your community and understand local dynamics, opportunities and challenges. Our non-profit experience surpasses 80 years with local, regional, national and international non-profits. Our desire is to partner with you and become as engaged as you desire. We fully recognize the unique budgetary processes and constraints with non-profits. Our agreements always clearly define the agreed-upon work scope and include our exclusive ‘not-to-exceed-monthly-budget’, which means no matter how many hours or the number of associates partnering with you in a given month, you will not pay more than the previously agreed amount.
Amy Bergman - Vice President – Business Development

Amy Bergman has a true passion for working with non-profit organizations, specifically in the areas of maximizing their human resources. As an HR professional with nearly 15 years of HR experience and a personal interest in giving back to the community through her own non-profit outreach and involvement, Amy is an asset to your leadership team. Recently, Amy conducted a strategic planning day for one of her non-profit clients that resulted in a detailed plan for 2010 execution. In addition, Amy has provided the full gamut of HR services to non-profit and for-profit organizations. MCN offers a special non-profit HR program, Instant HR, that helps relieve some of the HR burden from the non-profit leadership team.

Amy has a keen understanding of sales, operations, expense management, strategic planning, customer relationship management, marketing, organizational culture change/evolution, succession planning, performance management, recruitment/selection/retention initiatives, compensation and benefits design, employment law and other issues that influence the bottom line of her clients.

Amy is a certified Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) as recognized by the Human Resource Certification Institute and the Society for Human Resource Management-SHRM. She has a Bachelor’s Degree from Michigan State University in Human Resources and various continuing education courses over the years. Her book-knowledge and hands-on experience provide a solid return on investment for her consulting clients.

Royd Buchele - President & CEO
Royd Buchele has been assisting non-profit organizations for over 20 years to define and achieve their future Visions. He specializes in helping to increase the leadership and public relationship skills of non-profit team members on all levels.

Jerry V. Scrivo - Senior Vice President & COO

Planning & Management Expert

  • Strategic Planning
  • Fund Raising
  • Operating Plans
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Goal Setting, Problem Solving, Continuous Improvement
  • Launching New Initiatives

    From Sept. 1999 until 2004, Mr. Scrivo was a consultant with Midwest Management Systems. In 2004 Jerry joined Royd Buchele in forming MasterMind Consulting network where he is Senior Vice President & COO. with responsibility for setting up the present operation with a strong emphasis on planning and implementation.

    Jerry's expertise is in helping clients set and achieve their goals. He has 41 years of experience at some of America's largest companies followed by a consulting career that has focused on bring advanced tools and techniques to smaller companies and non-profit entities.

    In the non-profit area, Jerry has found a strong need for organization, systems, recruiting talent, and working with the Board on strategic planning. Since planning without implementation is useless, Jerry has a passion for successful implementation of the organizations Strategic Plan. “I find working with non-profit organizations very rewarding because their focus is on a greater goals than simply making money.”

    Jerry has degrees from Michigan Technological University (BSME), and Wayne State University (MBA) where he graduated with honors and was elected a member of the Sigma Iota Epsilon honor fraternity.


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