"With the help of MCN, we have established attitudes which are good for the corporation. We have accomplished common goals instead of frustrating dead ends."

Jane Callison
ididit, Inc.
"As a result of your help, we both look at problems and inefficiency as projects to set goals for and to overcome. Just by setting up daily reminders and do lists, we are able to make steady progress toward our future goals."

Cheryl & Cash Whitcher
Whitcher Plumbing and Heating
"I am overwhelmed with the excellent results our company has experienced through working with MCN. I feel that our company has been reenergized by implementing your ideas and techniques that were discovered in our seminars that were held."

Charles A. Iott
Iott Insurance Agency
"I can recommend that regardless of how successful your business may be, you can not begin to measure the value that comes with the consulting Mastermind Consulting Network has to offer."

Jeff McClure
Quantis, Corp.
"I have made bigger sales and spent less time on appointments then before working with MCN."

Larry Powers
The Taylor Agency
"Personally we both feel more organized and have more of a sense of accomplishment at the end of each day. Our businesses are growing and are continuing to grow as a result of our experience with MCN."

Jim and Barb McCann
The Chocolate Vault & The Bridal Suite
"Your program helped us pull up our boot straps and marched us into new and profitable fields."

R.J. Moore & B.L. Whitney
Pallox, Inc.
"I believe that the monetary gain to the company will be a minimum of ten times the investment in the cost of your program."

Paul Barber
Service Electric
"The inspiration and guidance Mastermind Consulting Network has provided has been very valuable to me and to Great Ideas."

Julie Rhora
Great Ideas

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