Prescription for Success
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  • Marketing – Know your market, who are your prospective customers, what they need, what they want, and the prices they are willing to pay.

  • Product – Create the products and services that your market wants, demands, and will gladly pay for!

  • Price – Price your products and services so that they are affordable to your market and are perceived as a GREAT VALUE.

  • Communication – Communicate directly to your prospective clients who you are, where your located, what you have to offer and why you are their obvious best choice.

  • Operations – You MUST have a systematic production process that consistently and efficiently produces high quality products and services for customers. A key element of the system MUST be to closely control the cost of goods sold in order to maintain a viable profit margin for the enterprise.

  • Collections – In the end you MUST get paid for your products and services. A systematic and effective billing and collections process is VITAL. Losses due to uncollectible accounts can bankrupt a company in short order!