Networking on Steroids!
Networking Tips from Mastermind Consulting Network

  • Team up with a church or sponsoring group to promote and support a special cause instead of offering free presentations.

  • Charge a small fee for attendance with all proceeds going to the cause. This increases the perceived value of the presentation and also supports a worthy cause.

  • The sponsoring group may also be more interested because this becomes a fund-raiser as well as a means to support the community.

  • The sponsoring group will help promote the program.

  • If well promoted, you could be speaking to groups of 10 to several hundred people.

  • If you turn 10% of those in attendance into individual or group clients, you can easily fill your calendar.

  • Some sponsors may also allow you to sell workbooks or other materials at the event. This is just one more low-cost way to promote your services.

  • Public speaking has been termed networking on steroids. It is an excellent way to show your skill, knowledge, and the compassion that allows people to know, like, and trust you.

  • These people will frequently seek to employee your services.